Praying to forgive someone who hurt you

Forgiveness is a prerequisite to getting our prayers answered. It is not easy to forgive a hurt; but the sooner we forgive, the easier it is to forgive. The longer it takes to forgive, the more likely it will fester into a grudge. Christ forgave His enemies even as He was hanging on the cross. They could not keep Him in the grave (Luke 23: 34, 24:1ff; Matth. 28: 1ff; John 20:1ff ).

Example of a prayer that an adult can pray:

“Father you asked us to forgive those who have wronged us, so that our prayers will not get hindered from reaching your throne and more so, because your Son, Jesus Christ, forgave our sin at a great cost. You always hear the prayers of the righteous. I choose to forgive _________ and pray that if __________ made a mistake, you would help us resolve the misunderstanding peacefully. Please open _______’s eyes to see where she (he/they) may be wrong and help them choose to apologize and correct the wrong done to me, I pray. LORD, since it is hard for me to love perfectly in my own strength, I open my heart to you that you may love _____ through me, in Jesus’ Name and to your glory. Amen.

Scripture References
James 5: 16 – 18
Mark 11: 25
Matthew 5: 7; 6:12
Luke 11: 2 – 4

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