What does it mean to be holy?

“Holy” simply means set apart, sanctified, dedicated – set apart for God. It is a privilege that restores believers into direct communication with God. Being privileged does not create a class difference, but rather recognition of what anybody can be, as a result of embracing what Christ has accomplished for any and all human beings who choose to recognize Him as the Deliverer. It is a privilege that is freely available, but not to be abused (I Peter 1:13 – 21).

Followers of Christ believe it is difficult to be holy on our own, without the help of Christ. Being holy requires that we take our eyes off the self and focus them on God and make choices that honor Him. Being holy is not me centered, but God centered. It is selfless, but ultimately the biggest benefactor is the self.

Being holy does not mean we never make mistakes. As long as we live in the human flesh, we will always deal with the flesh; but it is our attitude that determines whether we continue to mature into a holy life. Whoever turns a blind eye and rationalizes about sin, will never overcome his, or her, faults, let alone mature into a holy life; but whoever throws themselves at the Lord’s mercy, will be forgiven and restored into communion with God.

Does being holy mean isolating yourself? No and Yes.

No. Living a holy life is more of making life choices which emanates from a condition of the heart, through the help of God, than a separation from the mainstream of living. The more you choose to honor God with your life as a follower of Christ, the more you will find yourself seeking guidance from the Bible regarding what choices to make in any given situation.

Yes. There are times when you may need to separate yourself from certain friends, or situations, that drag you down, or pull you in the wrong direction. Common sense says, if a friend gets you in trouble, it is prudent to stay away from that friend. Jesus mingled with ordinary people, as a result, the Pharisees disdained Him for it, but he never sinned against His Father. His very mission to earth was to honor God, the Father, with the entirety of His being (John 12:44ff).

Being holy not only honors God, but us also. It is impossible to choose to be holy without honoring God. It is impossible to honor God, without ultimately honoring yourself. Every message from the Bible that directs us to revere and obey God is designed to help us improve our:

• Conduct
• Choices
• Attitude toward our body
• Attitude toward other people
• Attitude toward possession and material things