If Jesus is the Son of God, why do Christians tolerate the misuse of His Name?

Like anybody who loves someone, Followers of Christ are offended by the misuse of the Names of the LORD and of Jesus Christ; but they also know that God is bigger and He will defend His Name. To use our modern day language, God is a Big Boy, He is more than capable of defending His name.

In truth, it is those who profane God’s name who should be afraid. The Bible says our God is not only a loving Father to His children, but He is also a consuming fire to those who oppose Him.

Another passage talks about just because God is silent, it doesn’t mean He‟s asleep at the wheel. Yet another passage says God does not desire that any should perish, but He wants everyone to have a chance to get saved, so they too can live with Him forever, in the new world. So, if it appears that the mockers of Jesus Christ seem to get away with it, it’s because God in His mercy is patiently waiting for those who wish to come to their senses and repent and submit to Him as LORD GOD.

Our current world is living under the Dispensation of Grace. This era started with the ascension of Christ to Heaven and will end with His return to collect His followers. During the period of the Dispensation of Grace, God does not necessarily mete out immediate judgment on the world, lest He wipes out those who would have come into His kingdom.

As long as the door is open, anyone who repents, can come it. The time will come when the door will be closed. Jesus said the only sin that will not be forgiven is the sin against the Holy Spirit. He also said that everyone will be judged by the words they have spoken (Matthew 12:31-37).

So, it is better to revere the Lord, no matter what the trend is.