Praying for spiritual victory

“Greater is He who is in you, than he who is in the world.” I John 4: 4

“I pray that you will begin to understand the incredible greatness of His power for us who believe Him. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead and seated Him in the place of honor at God’s right hand in the heavenly realms. Now He is far above any ruler or authority or power or leader or anything else in this world or in the world to come. And God has put all things under the authority of Christ, and He gave Him this authority for the benefit of the Church.” Ephesians 1: 19 – 23.

The believer’s worst adversary is Satan, not people. Satan can use people; but God is greater and through His power, we, as believers, have victory over Satan. Believers thwart the Devil and make him gnash his teeth, because we remind him of the defeat he suffered when Christ rose from the dead. We also remind him that from the moment Christ rose from the dead, the battle was won. The eternal victory will be manifested in the final battle and judgment, but the real victory was sealed through the death and bodily Resurrection of Christ. Satan could not keep Him in the grave.

With every nail that was hammered in Christ’s hand, the Enemy’s defeat was guaranteed, and when Jesus said, “It is finished,” it was finished. When that grave burst open on that resurrection morn, revealing the Risen Savior, the table was turned and Satan received the ultimate death-blow that will propel him to eternal hell. He will never win the final war! (Rev 20: 7 – 10.)

Example of a prayer for spiritual victory
Think about the areas where you need spiritual victory and mention them as you pray, using the example below, or as you pray from your heart. Remember that Christ came to set the captives free (Luke 4: 18 – 19).

“Father, thank you that You are the all Powerful, all Sovereign, Almighty God. None compares with You. Thank you that when Christ rose from the dead over two thousand years ago, You won the victory over Satan and You placed Christ over all rulers, authorities, powers, leaders, and all else in this world, or in the world to come. Thank you that since You placed all powers and all things under Christ’s feet, all powers include any and all causes of spiritual defeat and all strategies and tricks of the Devil. I believe that through Christ, I am victorious. In the powerful Name of Jesus Christ, and by faith and the authority He gave me, I bind the power of Satan and stop his fiery arrows aimed at me. Father, protect me with Your Word of Truth, Your righteousness and Your Holy Spirit and give me victory in all areas of my life, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual, I pray. Thank you, LORD, for hearing my prayers. Continue to give me the strength to resist the enemy, and draw closer to You, as You rebuild my life through Your Holy Spirit, to the glory of Your Name in Jesus Christ, I pray. Amen.

After you have prayed, start thanking God for answering your prayers, every time you think about your situation, until He answers fully. Your gratitude could be as simple as saying, “Thank you LORD, for hearing my prayers and giving me spiritual victory.” [Resources for remaining thankful as you wait for God’s answer: 1. The Holy Bible: Praise Psalms (any version), 2. Joel Osteen. Break Out! Faith Words, Hachette Book Group, 237 Park Avenue. New York, NY 10017.]

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