How to use this Prayer Guide

This Prayer Guide will provide topical guidelines on how to pray for specific needs in your life, the life of your loved ones, or of other people. Please use the suggested prayers as guidelines only. The best prayers are those that come from the heart.

  • Organization: The prayer guide is organized by topic, each with a short introduction, before the prayer example is provided. If you are a returning visitor, you may go directly to the prayer example, if you wish. Except for “Praying to become a follower of Christ”, it is not necessary to use the prayer examples in any order – feel free to review any topic that may interest you. When we pray in the Name of Jesus, it is assumed that we believe in Him and honor Him, so, if you are not sure if you are a believer, please review “Praying to become a follower of Christ,” first.
  • Scriptures cited: For each topic, several Bible verses are referenced. These do not exhaust all the applicable Bible verses. To understand the full message of the Word, always read the complete context in which the verses were written, before applying it to your life.
  • Using the prayer examples provided: Blank spaces were provided in most, if not all the prayer examples. These spaces are for you to use to list, or mention, the names of those for whom you are praying, or the reason you need God to help you.
  • Rationale for citing Bible verses: The guide uses scripture prayers not to be technical, or rigid, but to help you understand how to pray in line with what the LORD promises He will, or will not, do. Use the prayer examples only until you are comfortable enough to pray for your needs in your own words and from your heart. Even then, it is good to reference Scriptures to combat the enemy ploys, as Jesus did. The other reason is to help you check your motives for asking and thus align your heart with the LORD’s heart.
  • References of additional prayer resources are listed at the end of this guide.
  • Bible versions used: either The Book, New King James Version (NKJV), or New International Version (NIV)
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